Thursday, July 10, 2014

RyuGin Tokyo, Japan (No. 33 in S. Pellegrino World's Best 50 Resturants)

Add Nihonryori RyuGin to your bucketlist people. I am a tasting menu fanatic and this one is at the top of my list. It's just absolutely perfect. 

Abalone shell with deliciousness beneath
Abalone, Hairy Crab and Summer Vegetables + one sip of Clam Clear Soup

Grilled Corn and Fresh Sea Urchins
 This was my favorite dish of the night. I'm just falling into deeper love with uni. beneath the jelly is an egg dish that just went so well with everything.

Pike Eel Shabu-shabu

Cooked Eel from Shabu-Shabu
 The Eel was cut in a way that when you cooked it in the broth it bloomed like a flower.

Ocean's Delicacy Array of 7 plates RyuGin Style
 Clockwise starting from 12 o'clock positon: Smoked bonito, flounder, monkfish liver (WOW!WOW!WOW!), butterfish, squid, shrimp, and in the center jellyfish.

Famous Swimming Ayu presented in a mini charcoal grill

Swimming Ayu
You eat this fish whole! Head, bones and everything!

Summer Duck

RyuGin's famous pickled fruit with ginger (pear)

"Kabayaki Don" style,  pickled pumpkin and eggplant, and miso soup
 This eel is special. They call it "1/100,000 Miracle Large Wild Eel. Only 1% of the eel in Japan is wild, the rest is farm raised. Of that only 0.1% of those wild eel are larger than 1kg. These are the only ones served in this dish. It was perfectly crisp on one side and meltingly delicate on the other side.

Plum wine on the rocks
If you like sweet drinks, you need to try plum wine while you are in Japan.

Roppongi's Special piece of Ripe Mango

Same as above, but crushed and fresh mango added.
They bring out this mini mango candy and you have to crack it with the spoon. Then it explodes with mango powder which tuns out to be mixture of POP ROCKS!. The server tops it off with this sweet mango concoction and then you finally can eat it.

Feathery Bracken Starch Dumpling
 I think this is where they got the idea of mochi from. Its similar, but more of a jelly consistency. From left to right is coconut, soy beans, and green tea flavor.

Legit Matcha Green Tea

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