Saturday, July 19, 2014

Narisawa Tokyo, Japan (No.14 in S. Pellegrino World's Best 50 Resturants)

Flawless service and presentation. The food was excellent as well. This restaurant has been on the top 50 list for many years now and I can see why. Taste wise I personally liked Ryugin better, but I tend to think Asian flavors are far superior to others. Still, the creativity in the dishes was really impressive and the I like that the chef focuses on sustainability and nature.

Raw bread dough

Japanese wine
"Essence of the forest and Satoyama scenery"
everything is edible except the cup and plate

Sumi (means charcoal in Japanese)
bread made from leek flour and onion in the center

Bread being baked table side

Uni, Winter Melon, Sudachi (japanese citrus fruit)

sauce for squid

"Ash 2009" Scene of the seashore"

"Bread of the forest 2010"
Final product of bread with butter on the side
"Gion Festival"
eggplant on eggplant on eggplant

"langoustine Garden"
wow! cooked on the outside and raw on the inside.

Kashu Pork, Udo (Japanese vegetable), Fuki (another Japanese veggie)
pork that was cooked at 300F for 3 minutes then taken out and put back in for another 3 minutes. This process was repeated for an hour and the result is perfectly crisp skin with pink in the center.

Alfonsino (deep water fish similar to snapper) and Green asparagus

"Sumi 2009" Kobe beef
Famous charcoal kobe beef

sake slush palate cleanser in the bowl.

"Salty Dog"
yummy grapefruit cocktail

 Pina Cosake
yummier pineapple

dessert cart

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