Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dreams of Sushi Restaurant: Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo, Japan)

Jiro's son, Yoshikazu, myself, and my friend Jennie
So yeah, it lives up to the hype (its a very fast pace meal fyi). Here is how to get reservations:

Option 1: Amex concierge. Give them 2 months notice. The reservations for the following month open up on the 1st of the previous month. Ex. Aug 15th reservation becomes avail July 1st.

Option 2: Hotel concierge. Book a hotel room way ahead of time and use their concierge.

Option 3: Become besties with someone who speaks Japanese. Have your new friend call in and make reservations.

***They are open for lunch so keep that in mind when trying to reserve a seat.

Here is how to get there:

Take subway to Ginza Station. walk towards exit C6. Before you take the last set of stairs up and outside there will be a glass door. You will know its the right place if you see a sign for Birdland restaurant. Right behind the doors you will see elevators. Don't go in them. Turn left and you will see an empty corridor. Fish heaven is at the end on the right.

Uni Sea Urchin: wow always thought uni was icky, but this has made me a fan!

Karei Flat Fish
Sumi-ika Squid
Shima-aji Steriped Jack
Akami Tuna
Chu-toro Semi Fatty Tuna
Oo-toro Fatty Tuna
Kohada Gizzard Shad
Mushi-awabi Steam Abalone
Katsuo Bonito
Shako Mantis Shrimp
Akagai Ark Shell
Aji Jack Mackerel
Kurumaebi Boiled Prawn
Iwashi Sardine
Uni Sea Urchin
Kobashire Baby Scallops
Ikura Salmon Roe
Anago Sea Eel
Tamago Egg

Katsuo Bonito: my fav for the meal
At the end they ask if you would like seconds of anything. I requested the Katsuo Bonito. The fish had this smokey flavor to it that just made it perfect.

Delicious Japanese melon
For Dessert, they move you to one of the tables. Dessert is this sweet version of honeydew melon that I've only had the pleasure of experiencing once before (Masa NYC).

Ikura Salmon Roe: tastes different than in the States. Not salty.
For anyone wondering, cameras and taking photos is okay. They even gave me a little mat to set my camera on top. Just be quick with it because the rice will start to fall apart. And oh man...that rice is so good! I know people are always surprised to know that the rice is the most important part of the sushi, but if you think about it, isn't dough what makes a great pizza? All ingredients are important, but you need a strong base to pull it all together.

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