Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dragon Fruit: The Magical Pooping Fruit

During my travels in China and Taiwan, my mom introduced me to huo long guo (dragon fruit). It looks like this on the outside:

They vary on the inside and either are white or red:

***Warning: TMI 1000000 Below***

According to my mom and aunt, this fruit is to only be eaten in the morning. For me, it only took about 3 minutes before I had to go the bathroom. That's right, this dragon fruit made me insta-poop. I haven't discussed details with my mom yet, but let me tell you, that this was a massive soft serve ice cream size poop. I recommend eating this on a day when you have easy access to the bathroom. I ended up going to the bathroom 5 more times that day. This is some serious doo dooing. It totally cleaned out my system.

Now, should you go with white or red fruit? Honestly, I think they both taste the same, but the colors might be messing with my head. I personally prefer the red fruit. It gives my lips a nice tint and turns my poop water into a pretty fuchsia color. 

Well there you have it. Here is one of the many secrets how Asian women stay skinny. I believe you can find this fruit at any Asian market nearby. If you are feeling fat or constipated go get yourself some dragon fruit. 

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