Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dragon Fruit: The Magical Pooping Fruit

During my travels in China and Taiwan, my mom introduced me to huo long guo (dragon fruit). It looks like this on the outside:

They vary on the inside and either are white or red:

***Warning: TMI 1000000 Below***

According to my mom and aunt, this fruit is to only be eaten in the morning. For me, it only took about 3 minutes before I had to go the bathroom. That's right, this dragon fruit made me insta-poop. I haven't discussed details with my mom yet, but let me tell you, that this was a massive soft serve ice cream size poop. I recommend eating this on a day when you have easy access to the bathroom. I ended up going to the bathroom 5 more times that day. This is some serious doo dooing. It totally cleaned out my system.

Now, should you go with white or red fruit? Honestly, I think they both taste the same, but the colors might be messing with my head. I personally prefer the red fruit. It gives my lips a nice tint and turns my poop water into a pretty fuchsia color. 

Well there you have it. Here is one of the many secrets how Asian women stay skinny. I believe you can find this fruit at any Asian market nearby. If you are feeling fat or constipated go get yourself some dragon fruit. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Travel Light for Any Length Trip - 5 tips

  • Smaller bag = less stuff. If you start out with a small bag, then you will be forced to pack less. Trust me, its possible. I recently got a Tom Bihn Synapse 19 and used it while I was traveling in China and Taiwan for 6 weeks. 
    Don't skimp on the bug bite cream.... they are savages 
  • Carry small amounts of toiletries. Just enough for the first days at each destination and buy products there. This way you get to have fun shopping and trying the local products (long term). You will be surprised how long those travel sizes will last you. All the items below lasted for 4 weeks.
  • Wash clothes in the shower. No matter how hard to you try to pack light the first time, you will always realize you could have packed lighter. This is what I should have packed: 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 2 panties, 2 bras, and 2 pairs of socks. The panties you can wash in the shower every day and have them dry overnight. Shirts and bras I could go a few days without washing them, gross I know. Pants, yeah those definitely can go a week without washing.
  • Exercise clothes. They are perfect for traveling. I love my Lululemon leggings. They are sweat wicking, dry fast, don't hold smells, uber comfortable, have a secret pocket, and make my ass look amazing. My next buy will be clothing made from merino wool. Apparently that type of clothing can be worn for a very long time between washings. 
  • Packing cube. You can squeeze a lot of clothing in those things. I've been using the Eagle Creek UL Pack-it Spector Half Cube. Aside from my hoodie and rain jacket, I fit all my clothing in one of these.