Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shiki (Beverly Hills, CA)

Brand spanking new restaurant serving traditional Japanese "washoku" cuisine. By the way, washoku is now a thing, just like french or californian cuisine. Of course I had to go with the omakase (that's chef's choice tasting menu). Every dish that came out was a work of art and tasted as good as it looked. I mean look at that first dish. The sea urchin has its own floppy hat! If the pictures don't impress you, the head chef here used to work at Matsuhisa and Asenebo, so there's that.

tofu, uni, wasabi, and delicious syrup sauce

I forgot, what type of fish, but it the dish was just okay

tasted as amazing as it looked. scallop, uni, mushroom, carrots, fried potatoes on top.

Japanese tomato, seared sashimi, shiso leaf, yummy broth. One of my favorites of the night.


good quality sashimi, nothing amazing

wow raw kobe beef marinated in a miso sauce put into a lettuce taco! oh and theres a fish taco behind that too.

MORE KOBE!!!! I spent most of dinner facing the fridge that held stacks of raw marbleized kobe drooling and waiting for this dish to come out. It did not disappoint.  

Overall it was a great meal, and worth a try if you are an omakase fiend like me. Not pictured, but had the plum sake on the rocks and it was perfect.

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