Friday, August 16, 2013

Adam Perry Lang's Pop Up BBQ

I love the idea of a pop up restaurant. It's nice when a spot is only open for a short period of time so you get that beginning giddy time of the relationship and dipping before the "what are we" talk. (Normal me is different than foodie me) I usually don't like to commit to restaurants long term. I prefer to hit it and quit it, but sometimes it's just too good and I have to go back a 2nd time. This was one of those places.

Chef Adam Perry Lang doing his BBQ thing

Adam Perry Lang's (APL) is really good at cooking bbq, like they give you plastic cutlery to eat with and its not a problem because the meat falls off the bone good. The pop up is located in the parking lot behind where they film Jimmy Kimmel. There is a parking garage right next to it so when you exit, turn right and they are set up adjacent to it. It's a really cute spot with fake grass and barrels set up as impromptu tables everywhere. Just a heads up its cash only and its been really hot out so wear a hat. Open Tuesday-Thursday 11am-3pm until September 5 2013. More info here.

The food changes daily and there are usually just two choices. The first time I went they had beef short rib and pork shoulder. This past time there was the short rib again and pork butt. The short ribs are always perfect, but dat ass though. If you've never had pork butt before, let me tell you, it is delicious.

It's hot girl friendly, I promise. My friend @kittysterling approves.

My weekly foodie club. Thanks @rodeneronquillo for the group photo.

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