Thursday, January 5, 2012

Per Se (New York)

Finally made my way to Per Se in New York City!  It was exactly what I expected it to be, very stuffy and just very good french cuisine. I could only get a reservation for lunch (usually those hard to get restaurants will have lunch reservations available and still serve the same dinner menu). I had the Chef's tasting menu with a few substitutions.

Tsar Imperial Osetra Caviar
 This was very good. The creamy white cheese went really well with the Caviar.

Soft Scrambled Eggs with shaved white truffles
 They offered the standard risotto or pasta with shaved white truffles, but this was the first time I had seen it offered with scrambled eggs. I just had to order this dish, especially since I had just woken up for the lunch an hour before. It was very good and hit the spot.

Sauteed fillet of Chatham Bay Cod
This was alright, nothing special about it. 

Nova Scotia Lobster "Fricassee"
This is probably the best lobster dish I have ever eaten. There was a hass avocado puree on the side and it was topped with a tangerine confit. It was like a asian style sweet and sour lobster.

"Degustation" of Canadian Suckling Pig
 This was good. I've had something similar to this at another restaurant so it was nothing special to me.

Snake River Farms "Calotte De Boeuf"
 I love short rib no matter where I go. The little puff pastries on the dish were excellent.

Cabot Creamery's "Clothbound Cheddar"
 It was a fancy cheese puff that was just amazing.

Coconut Sorbet
 This was my favorite thing on the menu. The combination of the marinated pineapple, young coconut water, and pineapple chips created this weird tingling sensation in my mouth. It was like a chemical reaction was happening in there.

Champagne Apples
 I was a little disappointed with this dessert. 

Shot of Hot Chocolate and donut holes!
At the end they just kept bringing us desserts and goodies. First came a treasure box of chocolates. I had the pecan maple and cannoli flavored ones. They had an amazing selection of really creative flavors. Then they brought out this four tiered tray with macaroons and other goodies. Finally they brought out the hot chocolate and donuts. They even gave us tiny goodie bags of homemade caramels and candies. Those caramel candies were the best ones I've had in my life. 

I don't think I would come here again, unless I was trying to really impress someone. The cost to food to taste ratio is just ridiculous.

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