Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ink.Sack (WeHo, Los Angeles, CA)

Ink.Sack is a new sandwich shop opened by the "Top Chef" winner, Michael Voltaggio.

Parking: Street
Seating: standing only (with those tables connected to the wall)
Price: $4-6 per sandwich
tldr: meh

Every Sandwich on the Menu
My mom taught me a very important lesson when I was younger. She said the places with the longest lines always has the best food. I guess grand openings is the exception to that rule. The line was out the door and the smells coming from the shop were making my stomach growl. There was a four sandwich maximum at the cashier, but luckily I brought a friend. We got all 7 sandwiches plus the water melon, bbq pork rinds, the peanut butter & sea salt cookie, and orange & mango juice.

The Jose Andres, aka "The Spanish Godfather"
The bread on all of the sandwiches was absolute perfection. By far the best sandwich was The Jose Andres, aka "The Spanish Godfather." It has serrano ham, chorizo, lomo, and manchego cheese. After that I would get the Maple-Pepper turkey melt followed by the Bahn Mi. Only get the C.L.T. (chicken liver mousse, curried chicken skin, lettuce, tomato) if you really like the taste of liver. The "reuben" (corned beef tongue, appenzeller cheese, kraut, russian dressing) was gross. The cold friend chicken and spicy tuna were both mediocre.

BBQ Pork Rinds
This was my first time having pork rinds, but my friend said they were the best she has ever had. Anything that remotely tastes like bacon instantly wins me over so I enjoyed these.

Watermelon with Siracha and lime
The watermelon with siracha and lime was interesting (not in the good way). It comes in a clear air tight plastic bag. Nothing special, just spicy watermelon. The peanut butter & sea salt cookie tasted like a normal peanut butter cookie, just a little saltier.

Best thing at the sandwich shop
Probably the best part of the meal was the orange and mango juice. Nothing here is tasty enough to bring me back.

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