Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jitlada (Los Angeles, CA)

Pretty much any restaurant in Thai Town is a great choice. Jitlada in particular is known as one of the best. Inside, their walls are covered by past awards and reviews. There is usually a wait too! All the Thai restaurants here seem to have a specialty dish that they are known for. Jitlada's is the Crying Tiger Pork (also available in beef). It was even featured on the Food Network's show "Best Thing I Ever Ate." It lived up to the mention. Beware: It is EXTREMELY SPICY! Have a full glass of thai ice tea handy. The sauce is so complex and so addictingly good.

Crying Tiger Beef
Level 10 Spicy. Worth the pain.

Tom Kha Soup with Coconut Milk

Pad Thai
I usually don't like this dish, but my friend ordered it and Jitlada made me a fan of it.

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