Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maha (Melbourne, Australia)

Middle Eastern Food.

I don't get to eat this kind of food as much as I like. The seasonings and tastes are so different from what I'm used to and is a really nice change. I did the 5 course soufra where the server picks your dishes. The soup was really refreshing. Each course of the meal they brought out many small dishes. Everything was really good. Our soufra didn't come with baklava for dessert so we ordered that on top. It had crushed nuts in it and was the best variation I've had so far.

The restaurant itself is really trendy (you know dim lighting, soft music, really cool and original cocktail list). I definitely recommend this place. It's also walking distance (like less than 10 min) from The Crown Casino.

One of the most unique soups I've ever had

poached free range pullet egg, joselito iberico, smoked bread, dehydrated shankleesh, halva and fried cauliflower

fish, couscous, pita chips


Turkish delight filled Maha doughnuts; coconut tapioca with lychees, ginger and mint granita; ice cream

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