Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mosaic Buffet (Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas)

It's a nice buffet, but a little disappointed because I heard it was so much better than the Marketplace buffet (also in Atlantis). It was only slightly better. It was much fancier. They had a cheese station, pasta, appetizers, desserts, seafood, sushi, indian, asian, grill, and moroccan. They lamb chop was by far the best thing here. It was perfectly moist. The dessert here was crazy. I couldn't stop grabbing things. I had a mixed berry crepe made fresh in front of me, mini flan (which tasted a little like cheese cake), mini creme brule, mini chocolate lava cake (didn't find any lava or melted chocolate sauce in mine though), coconut macaroon, and a sugar free blueberry mandeleine. I felt a little better about the meal, after finding out it was only $9 more than the Marketplace. I still would rather go to the Marketplace buffet over this one.

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