Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twist (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Las Vegas, NV)

Located on the 23rd floor, this restaurant has a great view of the strip. The cuisine here is crazy combinations of all different kinds of food. Every dish I was served was so complex. With the abnormal blending of all these ingredients, I was expecting for it to have a wow flavor. Instead everything had a very good subtle taste to it. This is what I had:

 Amuse Bouche: the best ones were the sticks to dip in the sauce and then into the crushed shrimp. Tasted just like shrimp chips.
 Foie Gras: was good, again not the way I prefer to eat it. 
 This course came with three plates: The one pictured is scallop, the other was a hamachi ceviche, and then a buratta cheese concoction. The roasted peppers overwhelmed the buratta. The hamachi too was lost in the strong taste of turnips. The scallop dish was really complex and delicious.
 Smoked Cod and Smoked Salmon: The poached pears and artichokes underneath the cod added a pleasant taste to it, but the sauce could have been stronger. The smoked salmon tasted like any other smoked salmon I've had.
 Insane combination of ingredients: Hibiscus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Nori Seaweed, Smoked Tea Granite and some other stuff. I think there was some ginger in there too that just took over the whole dish. It was a unique taste.
 Roasted fillet of deer, purple potato gnocchi, and mascarpone cream: Every thing was amazing. The venison (deer meat) was so tender. The potato gnocchi was made with bacon so of course it was one of my favorite dishes of the meal. The mascarpone cream was flavored with orange and I didn't quite understand why it was there.
 Dessert came with 5 desserts
 Caramel Apple
 Citron Parfait
 Le Keiko: raspberry, pistachio, caramelized pineapple
Mojito: Foam, Lime sorbet, fresh cucumbers
The Chocolate.

All the desserts again, were very complex, but subtle in flavor. So if you are into the more calm types of flavors, then this is your place.

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