Monday, December 6, 2010

Picasso (Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV)

Two Michelin Star
Five Diamond Rated

The food was alright, it's not something I'll crave again. The real Pablo Picasso art was impressive though. I had the 5-course tasting menu.

 Chicken croqueta with a tomato based soup: It was a good sample of Julian Serrano's tapas restaurant in Aria.

 Main Lobster Salad with an Apple Champagne Vinaigrette: It was good.

 Pan Seared Scallop: one of the better scallop dishes I've had. The crispy outside soaked up some flavor that made the dish.

 Foie Gras: Not the way I prefer it, but was alright.

 Turbot with Asparagus in Hollandaise sauce: It was very plain.

 Just some after dinner treats.

Quince (fruit similar to an apple and a pear): the sorbet and drink were the better variations.

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