Monday, December 20, 2010

Cleo Restaurant at The Redbury (Los Angeles, CA)

Tapas/Moroccan themed restaurant.

It was okay.

Babaganoush - okay
Hummus with Tahini - texture was too thin
Spicy Potatoes - they never brought it out and I forgot
Cauliflower - meh
Kibbeh - puff pastry with sour cream and chives. a little better than okay.
Borek - like a beef taquito. Was alright.
Tuna Tartar - nothing special
Brussel Sprouts - This is their specialty dish and it was very unique, but greasy and lacking in taste.
Mushrooms - good.
Cous Cous - My favorite thing here. It comes with soup and veggies. Probably one of the best cous cous variations I've had
Sliders - okay, a little random for them to be serving burgers at a Moroccan restaurant.
Beef Cheek Tagine - My 2nd favorite thing here.
Garlic Shrimp - Was okay.
Merguez Flatbread - never arrived and I forgot about it.
Date Ice cream brownie dessert - really good
Chocolate layer bar dessert - meh
baklava - always amazing.

There's bread in that brown paper bag

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