Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bar Masa (Aria, Las Vegas, NV)

Toro Tartar Caviar
Seasonal Sushi Tasting

This place is Nobu expensive. If you are a real sushi lover, I would suggest going to Sen of Japan (Durango and W Desert Inn Rd.). The quality of fish here was good. I enjoyed their toro tartar caviar dish. They actually loaded it up with more caviar than toro. The grilled mushrooms with white truffle was good, although I would have preferred more truffle (it still was a good amount). I had a yuzu sorbet for dessert (tastes like a sweet lemon, kind of like frozen lemonade). I've been here before to their more private shabu shabu section. Where they serve a very expensive omakase. It was a great experience, but one of those things you try only once.

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