Monday, November 22, 2010

Sushi Zo (Los Angeles, CA)

The best quality sushi I have ever had!!!

This place is omakase (tasting menu) only  so you can't order anything. You can however let them know ahead of time what you don't like. You also are not allowed to use your cell phone while eating (there were signs posted in a few spots). The sushi chef makes everything fresh and tells you if it needs to be dipped in soy sauce (there are even signs that tell you how to eat your sushi; dip only a small part of the fish in soy sauce and when you eat it the fish should be touching your tongue).

The fish was so good here, just about everything melts in your mouth like toro. Also, just fyi, they will feed you until they run out of varieties of fish or until you say you are full. I was unaware of this and ended up eating 26 different kinds of fish. My bill ended up around $110 (not including tip), which was really good for the quality and freshness of the fish. If your one of those people that only like rolls or different concoctions with sushi and not just the fish, then this isn't your spot (try Asenabo).

I apologize for not having pictures, I was scared they would kick me out if I busted out my camera phone.

*edit* they also serve you this yuzu drink at the end of the meal that is ridic good.

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