Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sura Korean BBQ Buffet (Las Vegas, NV)

If you haven't had Korean BBQ yet, you're missing out in life. #justsayin

It's pretty big for a Korean BBQ place, Plenty of tables. It's not fancy (just like most Asian restaurants). The place is open until 3:00 AM and is about $20 a person. All the meat is raw and you bring it back to your table where there is a spot in the middle to cook it. I always get the bulgogi (marinated beef) and this spicy marinated pork. The kalbi is good too, but it comes with bones and is difficult to eat with chopsticks. They also have all the available small dishes like kimchee, marianted cucumber, noodles, mung beans and other korean delights. Also to finish off there is this ginger drink in the dessert section. It's weird the first time you try it, but I always crave it when I eat there now.

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