Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chung Dam Korean BBQ (Los Angeles, CA)

This was my first Korean BBQ experience in Los Angeles. I ordered Combo C. It came with a bunch of meats, mostly not marinated. I was surprised to see only kal bi in this combo so I asked them to add bulgogi to it. In the past, I've only had kal bi, bulgogi, and this spicy pork dish. All the meat was really high quality.  For the non marianted meat I put it in the lettuce wrap and loaded it up with the soy paste and dipped the meat in this spicy sauce. It was really good, especially that soy paste (so addicting). The bulgogi here wasn't that good, it didn't seem like it was marinated long enough and I didn't care for most of the side dishes. I'm going to keep trying random Korean BBQ restaurants in K-Town (Korea Town) until I find a great one.

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