Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bazaar (Los Angeles, CA)

Tapas Mad Scientist style

Tapas are small plates, so if you're with a large group order multiples of the same dish so everybody can try. It's like the Spanish version of Dim Sum.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in LA (I've actually been back quite a few times). It's a great place to take friends to. It's very LA. The decor is....bizarre (sorry couldn't help myself). Since it's so LA, they usually make you wait 15 minutes before they seat you. Which isn't too bad with all the people watching and crazy decor (btw check out the bathrooms, very Lady Gaga-esque). Okay on to the food:

Jamon Iberico de Bellota: they have many ham choices, but the most expensive kind is the best I've had ever. It also comes with the catalan tomato rubbed bread (yum! I love bread!)
Chorizo platter: it comes enough for a couple people, nothing special so don't waste your money if your short on cash.
Sauteed wild mushrooms: if you like mushrooms and salt, get this. It was addicting.
Beef hanger steak: good
Chicken croquetas: always good at any tapas place you go to
braised wagyu beef cheeks: very good
Cotton candy foie gras: amazing combination, only comes one per order.
Philly cheesesteak: air crisp collapsable bread filled with gooey cheese and almost raw meat on top. Eat with caution. The cheese will drip out and onto your arm if you don't hold it flat.
Not your everyday Caprese: eat with a spoon. The mozzarella balls are melted and held together by a thin clear membrane. It pops in your mouth and is nom nom nom good.
Sauteed cauliflower couscous: good

For dessert they bring across the room to another section. I always get the nitrogen coconut floating island. Its served with caramelized bananas and is just so weird and amazing. If you come here, you NEED to try this dessert.

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