Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Julian Serrano Tapas Restaurant (Aria, Las Vegas, NV)

Julian Serrano is on my list of restaurants I go back to when I'm in Las Vegas. It's a tapas restaurant located in Aria (A plus since they perfume the air there #omgsmellssogood). For those of you who don't know what Tapas is, it's the Spanish version of Dim Sum. You just order a bunch of appetizer sized plates. Usually about 3 orders is good for one person. Here's what's good to get:

Imported spanish "pata negra" ham (it's pricey, but worth it)
brava potatoes (crunchy potato squares with  a spicy tomato alioli sauce)
pan manchego (toasted bread, fresh garlic tomato sauce and manchego cheese)
sauteed padron peppers (good for snacking on, like the edamame of tapas)
traditional spanish chicken croquetas (standard tapas dish, always a winner no matter where you go)
grilled lamb chop (only comes with one small chop per order)
beef and cheese (prime tenderloin, cheese, honey, pecans wow really really good)

For dessert get Santiago's cake. It's very unique (not in a crazy taste way) and is the perfect ending for such a great meal every time.

imported spanish "pata negra" ham
chicken croquetas

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