Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Square (Mayfair, London, UK)

I didn't like the food at this restaurant very much. It started off great, but then went downhill after the Grouse. The service was excellent as it should be for a 2 Michelin Star rated restaurant. Also, this restaurant is one of the pricier tasting menus I've done and there are just better places to spend your money.

Walnut & raisin bread - freshly baked warm and soft, loved it.
Canapes - amazingly delicious
Quail consomme with truffles - like high quality chicken broth, perfect for such a cold night
Crab lasagne with champagne foam - finally a great crab dish
Scallops - better than most scallop dishes
Foie Gras - did not like
Turbot (white fish) - was okay
Grouse (bird) - It was my first time having this before and I thought it would have been a white meat. It looked like it was still raw on some parts (it was cooked, just really red). I did not like the taste and texture of the meat at all.
Cheese - okay I'm never going to comment badly towards any cheese.
Cheesecake and ice cream - standard
Fig soufflé with almond ice cream - sounds like it would be great and was really excited to finally having soufflé while in London, but it was just okay. Nothing will be as good as Morton's chocolate soufflé.

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