Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No. 35 (London, UK)

The hotel the restaurant is located in is all white inside and has secret doors everywhere. It was cool, just hard to find. Food here was a B-.

Amuse Bouche - fruit jelly on the bottom with what I think was cheese flavored whipped cream and crunchy nuts and caramel bits on top. It was delicious.
Chilled Cucumber Soup - It was a little salty, but still good
Terrine of Spiced Duck - It was served foie gras style, but had pieces of duck in it. It tasted really good with the pickled plums
Gilthead Bream - This fish was perfect! The skin was so crispy and had a hint of lemon juice on it. The clam dressing made the dish.
Roast Chump of Lamb - nothing special
Pre Dessert - very similar to the amuse bouche except with crunchy chocolate bits on top
Floating Island - wow! it was a poached peach on the bottom, with a custard on top, floating in amoretti.

I think the food in London isn't so good because they spend all their time perfecting dessert. The dessert is serious here.

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