Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maze (London, UK)

This is my first Gordon Ramsay restaurant, I give it a B.

Chilled watercress soup  with cured sea trout - was too salty
Some crab dish - plain
Roasted Hake (fish) - not bad, sauce was good.
pork medley - getting better, again had really good sauce

Rosemary buttermilk pannacotta with strawberry jelly and black olive caramel - yummmm
shared cheese - cheese is always good

Devon milk and yogurt mousse with berry sorbet - pretty good

shared bitter chocolate delice with honey gelatine and honey ice cream wow, high percent of cacao in that chocolate, the honey ice cream compliments the dark dark chocolate very well.

Not really much to say about this place, I wouldn't go here again. If you happen to be a vegetarian they do have a special chef tasting menu for you.

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