Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley (London, UK)

2 Michelin Stars

One of the best experiences I've had at a restaurant. At the end of dinner I got a tour of the kitchen and met the man himself Chef Marcus Wareing. The service here is intense. Once during dinner my friend got up to use the restroom and while she was gone they took away her dirty silverware and replaced it with new ones. And every time one of us left the table they wouldn't just fold our napkins, they would bring out a fresh one!

Got there early so had drinks at The Blue Bar first: I forgot the name, but it was basically a lychee martini

Amuse Bouche - mushroom soup in a shot glass. Best mushroom soup I've ever had. I could have pounded down 10 of those.

Lobster with squash - It was good, nothing amazingly special about it.

Foie Gras with prunes and walnuts - Great variation, especially if you are new to it and need to be weened onto that foie gras taste. Personally I thought the walnut overpowered it and wasn't able to taste the foie gras.

Crab with Heirloom tomatoes, some razor clams, and crunchy potato bread in an herb sauce - Refreshing

Quail with corn and onion rings - The onion rings were the best and the quail wasn't bad either.

Seabass with 7 textures of cauliflower - It was interesting to see different ways cauliflower could be prepared. The skin on the seabass was perfectly crisp.

Suckling pig with barbecue and ranch dressing - Best dish of the night! I was so full (like food baby twins) by the time this came out and I still finished it.

Cheese - biggest portion of cheeses I've ever been offered.

Pre dessert - couldn't understand what it was when they brought it out and couldn't figure it out by taste. It was okay.

Basil parfait, lemon caramel, sherbet - such a different taste! It was a nice change from the super sweet deserts I've been eating.

Out of all the tasting menu's I've done, this place has the largest portions. Everything was good, but there were only a few items that I really enjoyed here. The best part was the tour of the kitchen:

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