Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maharajah of India (London)

The one kind of food you can never go wrong with in London is Indian food. No matter which Indian restaurant we go to, we always end up having good food. Just outside of Leicester Square is Maharajah of India. I shared butter chicken, garlic chili chicken, vegetable curry, basmati rice, and of course naan bread. The waiter described the garlic chili chicken dish as "a little spicy." False. Good thing I had the butter chicken to balance our the spiciness. The butter chicken here was different than I have had before. It usually comes in a red sauce and is a little spicy, but the butter chicken at this establishment is yellow and a sweet. The portions were small and left me still a little hungry. Other than that dinner was fantastic. Definitely recommend eating Indian food here or at any other place while visiting London.

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