Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ledbury (Notting Hill, London, UK)

2 Michelin Star Rated

I didn't really enjoy the food at this restaurant very much.

Scallops - really disliked
Tomato with goat cheese - loved! Best tomato dish I've had
Foie gras - fail
Mackerel - Really crisp and had so much flavor. I will definitely be ordering more mackerel in the future.
Cod - meh
Lamb - good
Pre Dessert was ice cream - very boring
Dessert was something weird like olive oil ice cream mixed with other stuff. - surprisingly good and came with a side of freshly baked beignets.

Tomatoes with goat cheese

Very boring pre dessert

olive oil ice cream with other stuff

freshly baked beignets 


  1. Your blog makes me hungry. This is cruel considering I am on set everyday eating crap.

  2. Don't worry, after you wrap, we're going Moroccan: