Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Landau at The Langham (London, UK)

Located in The Langham hotel, The Landau serves contemporary european dishes. I tried the 7 course surprise tasting menu. 

1st course: Carrot soup with a goat cheese risotto ball in it. - It was really tasty, like a lobster bisque, but with carrot. 

2nd course: Scottish lobster with avocado and shisho dressing. - The sauce was good, but overall it was just okay.

3rd course: Pressed Landes foie gras and smoked duck terrine with pear chutney and brioche. - It wasn't the best foie gras I've had.

4th course: John Dory with cromer crab, chorizo and lemon essence. - Meh

5th course: Pork trio. The pork loin was plain, the pork belly was not that great, the shredded pork dish was pretty good.

6th course: french toast topped with what looks like is a poached egg, but is actually made of mango. - The waitress said that this took two hours to make and was the restaurant's specialty. Taste wise it wasn't anything special

7th course: Souffle. Probably the worst souffle I've had.

Don't waste your money here.

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