Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hakkasan (Soho, London)

Modern Chinese restaurant (think Mr. Chow).

*not allowed to take pictures here* oops!

You can't get dropped off right at the entrance of this restaurant because its a very skinny alleyway that leads to it. If you get dropped off of Oxford St., walk down Hanway Place and when it forks stay to the left. Go all the way down and the restaurant will be on the left at the end. Go down the flight of stairs and be greeted by a bouncer. 

The inside of the restaurant is all trendy asianed up. It is actually huge downstairs. I came here for dim sum.  All the items were a modern version of the traditional dim sum (no chicken feet here :( . The best dishes to order are xiao loan bao (I don't know the english name, but if the server doesn't understand you they are steamed pork dumplings that come with the ginger and vinegar sauce on the side). *Also when eating these dumplings, you need to let the soup inside drain out before you put it in your mouth or you will burn your tongue.* I'm not really sure what I ordered, I just asked the waiter for the most popular dishes. Here is what I didn't like: chicken soup and duck egg rolls. The pan fried chicken and shrimp dumplings were okay. I had this sea bass something dish that was interesting and would have been better if there was more sauce. If I go back I would probably skip the dim sum and go straight to their main dishes.

Okay, again with the desserts in London. Amazing! I don't know what my friends dessert was called, but it was soooo good. It was shapped like flan, but was more like ice cream and came with something similar to peanut brittle on the side. It seems like every place I try, the desserts get better and better. I decided to go the healthy route and ordered an exotic fruit platter (warning its huge!) If you come here, please save room for dessert, its the best part.

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