Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gaucho (Piccadilly Location in London)

Argentinian Steak! Such a nice change from the standard steak.

Warning: My husband and I came here last year as well and both times we've had to wait about 15-20 minutes before being seated at our table. Then once you get to your table it takes a while for your server to greet you and by the time you get your food its been a good 45-60 minutes. So don't come here starving.

This restaurant is very trendy with dim lighting and cow skins all over the walls and chairs. I ordered the Picada as a starter for the entire table.It was a mix of spanish cured meats (Serrano ham, prosciutto type stuff), westcome cheddar (yum), marinated artichoke hearts olives and peppers. It comes out quick for those who didn't listen to my warning (i.e. me) and you are starting to get dizzy because you're so hungry. For my main course I had the Churrasco cut of the Chorizo (sirloin). It's marinated for at least 24 hours in a Chimichuri sauce. It was very satisfying. They had a special dessert that wasn't on the menu. I got that of course. The bottom layer is a sweet biscuit (cookie), topped with slices of bananas, layered with caramel, then the very top is a cheesecake-like cream. So far I haven't had a bad dessert experience in London yet. The English do it right.


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