Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gordon Ramsay (London, UK)

3 Michelin Stars (the food seems to be about equal from 2 stars to 3, only difference I can see is the ridic attention to detail (service wise))
Slightly difficult to get into so book ahead of time.

Foie Gras

The foie gras dish here is so different and unique from any other variation I've had. It's serious. Most of the seafood courses were okay, but the sauces just made them so much better. I had pigeon for the first time. According to the waiter, they were the kind from the woods and not from Trafalgar Square. Also, just in case you were curious, pigeon meat is very tough and red. It was alright. The smoked pork belly that came on the side wow! Just wow! It's a bacon lovers dream!

Creme Brulee and fresh apple juice

Okay now onto the cheese. Wow such a large selection of cheeses and the cranberry bread that came with them was amazing! Pre-desert (hah! love this, that the term pre-desert exists that is) was a creme brulee variation with a side of freshly pressed apple juice. It was like a non alcoholic wine pairing and it worked perfectly together. Next was a strawberry champagne smoothie and we finished off with a chocolate and hazelnut concoction. It had ginger mouse on top and was of course wonderful. Arriving with the check, was what looked like a pot of dry ice (it was underneath). It was white chocolate covered strawberry ice cream! I love how fancy restaurants always give you gifts of food throughout the meal.

My friend Erica sipping the smoothie through a glass straw. Classy.
Chocolate and Hazelnut Cylinder
White chocolate covered strawberry ice cream

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