Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go here NOW!: Pied A Terre (London, UK)

This is the best tasting menu I've had in London so far. It's french and two star Michelin rated. This is the first restaurant while in London that I have eaten everything, like licked my plate clean everything (except I didn't finish the brie because I was trying to pace myself for dessert). The service is impeccable as well. Here is what I had:

They offered me juice after I declined the wine so I went with tomato and got it spicy. It tasted and felt like I was drinking shrimp cocktail sauce. Which isn't bad if I'm sipping it, but I usually gulp down tomato juice pretty quick so my first taste was very powerful.

Selection of Canapes - Beautiful presentation and it tasted as good as it looked. I'm not sure what I ate, but it was all fantastic. I spilled about 3 eggs of caviar onto the bottom charger plate (the one thats there for decoration, that you never actually eat off of) and they instantly changed it to a new clean one.

Bacon roll - wow what a great bread selection. Of course I had to get the bacon roll! It looked like a mini cinnamon roll, minus the frosting and with bacon sprinkled on top instead of cinnamon. And to make this moment even more epic for me, a newlywed Chinese couple just sat and they have british accents! I still can't get used to asian people with british accents.

Yellowtail Tare Tare - delicious! Had crunchy stuff on top and was seasoned differently than most restaurants yellowtail. It was a great change.

Scallops with purple cauliflower - It was good for scallops (sorry scallop lovers out there, I just think they always taste plain)

Pan Fried Foie Gras on top of one big piece of ravioli filled with beans and bits of bacon. On top of the foie gras was crispy tempura-esque veggies. They poured a consume on top and it just made the dish. I think this is the best foie gras dish I've ever had.

John Dory encrusted with green powder topped with fennel foam and squid on the side. - It was good, a little plain.

Lamb - It had those tiny tart red european fruits in it along with some kind of tasty sauce. The fruit added a little zing that brought the dish together very nicely.

Cheese - two kinds (didn't catch the name of the first one and brie) came with these awesome paper thin crackers.

Blueberries wrapped in cantaloupe with ice cream and sweet thick lime juice poured on top. It was sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds that just made it crazy good. Wish this dish was bigger.

Bitter sweet chocolate tart, ice cream and macadamia nut cream, plus two macadamia nuts (caramelized on the outside). Loved it!

green tea(I don't drink coffee) and petits fours - wow 6 little treats and I took them all down. It always came with this paper thing sweet crispy things. I don't know what they are or called, but they go perfectly with tea.

I never do the wine tasting with the menu because I'm such a light weight, but hearing the other people in the restaurant, it seems like a good one here. They make it a guessing game for you. They don't tell you what kind and where its from until the end of the course. So if you are a wino you should go for it.

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