Friday, September 3, 2010

Europane Bakery + Cafe

e g g  s a l a d  s a n d w i c h  O M G! This trendy euro style cafe located in Pasadena, California  has the best egg salad sandwich. It was on toasted wheat bread with a pesto spread on top, followed by arugula and egg salad perfection. Their hazelnut macaroon melted in my mouth and was told that wasn't even the best flavor! I was disappointed that they ran out of the sea salt caramel flavor (its everyone's favorite). There were so many deliciously flakey looking pastries that I did not get to try :(. I will definitely be visiting this place again soon.
egg salad open face sandwich

hazelnut macaroon


  1. I want to try this place when you get back, I love hazelnut!

  2. Yeah we will for sure go here. It's right by this cute outdoor mall too.