Friday, September 3, 2010

CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Beverly Hills edition)

*WARNING: Kind of expensive....Okay it was really expensive

If you want delicious melt in your mouth so tender steak, go to CUT. Before we even ordered they started bringing us food. They sent over mini tuna tar tar tacos, followed by these bread cheese balls. The tuna tar tar tacos were pretty good except for the wasabi overpowered all the other ingredients put into the dish. Bread and cheese can never go wrong together.

bone marrow flan
For a starter I had bone marrow flan, with a mushroom marmalade and parsley salad. This is my first time experiencing bone marrow. Since it came in flan mode, I 'm still unsure what served bone marrow usually looks like. My bone marrow resembled tofu (look and texture), but tasted like a beef version of foie gras. I really liked it. Out of the ridiculous amount of choices for steak, I choose the one in the box (food is usually extra special if the choices are in a box). I had the Australian 100% Wagyu 8 oz rib eye steak from David Blackmore Ranch, Victoria, Alexandria. Rib eye is already pretty fatty (thats why I love it), but wagyu rib eye is laced with fat. It was like eating the o-toro version of beef. It for real melted in my mouth and was a bit too tender for my taste. Next time I will probably get the American wagyu which is slightly firmer than the Australian wagyu. For sides, the table ordered yukon gold potato puree, creamed spinach with fried organic egg, caramelized summer sweet white corn, wild field mushrooms with Japanese shishito peppers, and cavatappi pasta "mac & cheese" with Quebec cheddar. The mushrooms, corn and mac & cheese were the winners.

Everybody at the table finished off with a fuji apple & rhubarb toasted almond crumble with golden raisins and vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was lacking (size wise, only one spoon sized scoop), but other than not enough ice cream, the dessert was delightful.

Australian wagyu rib eye steak
fuji apple & rhubarb almond crumble

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