Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cantina Laredo (near Leicester Square, London, UK)

Mexican food in London?!

Right after we order, they bring out two kinds of salsa. The warm tomatillo salsa has to be the best salsa I've ever had! It's got a lil spice to it, but not too much. We also ordered the guacamole appetizer which they made fresh right in front of our table. The guac was a little plain, it needed some garlic and more lime juice in my opinion. So I mixed in the tomatillo salsa with the guac and it was PERFECT! I could eat that for every meal of the day for about 8 days before getting sick of it. (Prop bet me, I dare you!)

Main course: I couldn't decide between the chile relleno or the enchiladas, so I got the enchiladas de chile relleno. Bad choice, it sounded like a great idea at the time and looked like it would have tons of flavor, but it failed.

Dessert: Mexican Brownie!!!! WOW! Don't you dare even think about not getting dessert or getting something else! It's a chocolate brownie with pecans served on a hot skillet with mexican brandy butter poured onto the plate and Vanilla (sometimes cinnamon) ice cream on top. The smell that comes off the dish is one of the most delectable scents that will grace your nose in your entire life! Like, if I bottled it up and sprayed it on Pee-wee Herman, he would be intensely irresistible to you, that mouthwatering!

Even though I didn't like my main course, the salsa and brownie were so damn delicious that I have to go back.

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