Sunday, September 12, 2010

Asadal Korean BBQ (London)

If you have had really good Korean bbq before, then stop reading and just don't go here.

If you've never had Korean bbq, then you will like this place.

I had their £18.50 set meal (BBQ set II)

Kye Ran Soup (Egg soup) - like homestyle chinese egg drop soup
Buh Seot Tang Su Yook (Sweet & sour deep fried mushrooms) - I love mushrooms so this dish was good.
BBQ: Bool Go Gi (specially marinated cuts of topside beef) - wasn't marinated well enough, but still good
Ban Chan (selection of varied vegetable side dishes) - kimchee, the cucumber in kimchee sauce, bean sprouts, some other asian vegies.
Sang Chu (fresh lettuce) - put the brown sauce and the meat on the lettuce to make an asian taco and eat.
Bab (steamed white rice) 
Dessert: Fruit and Korean dessert drink (ginger is one of the ingredients which is very good for digestion)

Sweet & Sour Fried Mushroom

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