Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Griddle Cafe

I've been adjusting my sleep schedule to London time and finally awake earlier enough to make it out to breakfast. I tried the Griddle Cafe today and it was AMAZING! I had "The Golden Ticket" pancakes. It came with bananas, walnuts, caramel, and steusel mixed into it. One order is three ginormous pancakes that are too big for the plate. You could share it with three other people and everybody would be full.  There were so many  different choices for pancakes and french toast, its ridiculous. I also split the "some like it HOT" scramble with my friend. It's like an open faced mexican breakfast burrito. I was a little disappointed that they don't serve corned beef hash. The bacon was alright.

This place is definitely a hot spot. I went on a Monday and the place was packed! Best of all they serve breakfast all day! 

"The Golden Ticket:
"Some like it HOT" scramble

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