Saturday, July 19, 2014

Narisawa Tokyo, Japan (No.14 in S. Pellegrino World's Best 50 Resturants)

Flawless service and presentation. The food was excellent as well. This restaurant has been on the top 50 list for many years now and I can see why. Taste wise I personally liked Ryugin better, but I tend to think Asian flavors are far superior to others. Still, the creativity in the dishes was really impressive and the I like that the chef focuses on sustainability and nature.

Raw bread dough

Japanese wine
"Essence of the forest and Satoyama scenery"
everything is edible except the cup and plate

Sumi (means charcoal in Japanese)
bread made from leek flour and onion in the center

Bread being baked table side

Uni, Winter Melon, Sudachi (japanese citrus fruit)

sauce for squid

"Ash 2009" Scene of the seashore"

"Bread of the forest 2010"
Final product of bread with butter on the side
"Gion Festival"
eggplant on eggplant on eggplant

"langoustine Garden"
wow! cooked on the outside and raw on the inside.

Kashu Pork, Udo (Japanese vegetable), Fuki (another Japanese veggie)
pork that was cooked at 300F for 3 minutes then taken out and put back in for another 3 minutes. This process was repeated for an hour and the result is perfectly crisp skin with pink in the center.

Alfonsino (deep water fish similar to snapper) and Green asparagus

"Sumi 2009" Kobe beef
Famous charcoal kobe beef

sake slush palate cleanser in the bowl.

"Salty Dog"
yummy grapefruit cocktail

 Pina Cosake
yummier pineapple

dessert cart

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Inakaya (Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan)

This is an izakaya style restaurant, which is kind of like a happy hour restaurant. You come here to drink and have snacks, although its heavy on the snacks part. It's a really fun way to have dinner and lots of celebrities have visited this establishment (they hand you a photo album of them while you are eating :D).

These guys sit across from you and cook for you.

This is your menu! 

gift appetizer. Was like a Japanese version of shrimp cocktail.

some sort of dried shelfish
Sashimi platter for 2
Order the Beef!!!!

Red Snapper
Gobi Beans
more mushrooms
Free dessert! I think it was a japanese plum incased in jelly. 

There are two locations in Roppongi. I went with the West location because it seemed easier to find. Make reservations the day before at least.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

RyuGin Tokyo, Japan (No. 33 in S. Pellegrino World's Best 50 Resturants)

Add Nihonryori RyuGin to your bucketlist people. I am a tasting menu fanatic and this one is at the top of my list. It's just absolutely perfect. 

Abalone shell with deliciousness beneath
Abalone, Hairy Crab and Summer Vegetables + one sip of Clam Clear Soup

Grilled Corn and Fresh Sea Urchins
 This was my favorite dish of the night. I'm just falling into deeper love with uni. beneath the jelly is an egg dish that just went so well with everything.

Pike Eel Shabu-shabu

Cooked Eel from Shabu-Shabu
 The Eel was cut in a way that when you cooked it in the broth it bloomed like a flower.

Ocean's Delicacy Array of 7 plates RyuGin Style
 Clockwise starting from 12 o'clock positon: Smoked bonito, flounder, monkfish liver (WOW!WOW!WOW!), butterfish, squid, shrimp, and in the center jellyfish.

Famous Swimming Ayu presented in a mini charcoal grill

Swimming Ayu
You eat this fish whole! Head, bones and everything!

Summer Duck

RyuGin's famous pickled fruit with ginger (pear)

"Kabayaki Don" style,  pickled pumpkin and eggplant, and miso soup
 This eel is special. They call it "1/100,000 Miracle Large Wild Eel. Only 1% of the eel in Japan is wild, the rest is farm raised. Of that only 0.1% of those wild eel are larger than 1kg. These are the only ones served in this dish. It was perfectly crisp on one side and meltingly delicate on the other side.

Plum wine on the rocks
If you like sweet drinks, you need to try plum wine while you are in Japan.

Roppongi's Special piece of Ripe Mango

Same as above, but crushed and fresh mango added.
They bring out this mini mango candy and you have to crack it with the spoon. Then it explodes with mango powder which tuns out to be mixture of POP ROCKS!. The server tops it off with this sweet mango concoction and then you finally can eat it.

Feathery Bracken Starch Dumpling
 I think this is where they got the idea of mochi from. Its similar, but more of a jelly consistency. From left to right is coconut, soy beans, and green tea flavor.

Legit Matcha Green Tea

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DisneySea (Tokyo, Japan)

This is my favorite Disney park (except EPCOT during food & wine festival).

Reasons you should go to Disney Sea:

1. Price is about $40 USD cheaper than in the States

Journey to the Center of the Earth ride in volcano is my fav ride.
2. Attractions are different than other parks*

Strawberry flavored popcorn
3. Different Flavored popcorn throughout the park: Strawberry, Curry, Mlik Tea, and more.

Japans version of the Turkey leg. Chicken Leg + Mango jelly drink
4. Delicious Food! Maple churros, asian style ribs, asian seasoned chicken legs, funny hotdogs.

Sinbad's Storybook Voyage
5. Animatronics are way more advanced and ridiculously cute.

Mermaid Lagoon

1. Suica card works for their monorail so skip buying a ticket.
2. Disney Sea has less visitors than Disneyland. Plus Disneyland Tokyo is pretty much the same as the others.
3. Fast Pass it! As soon as you enter the park get a fast pass somewhere. Get another fast pass right before you use your first fast pass.
4. Get on rides during shows.
5. Start from the back of the park and work your way forward.

Vertical trampoline wall inside Ariel's Playground.

*Even rides that look the same, actually have different stories or totally different set ups. Ex. 1 Tower of Terror in Disney Sea is about some rich explorer who had a little tiki man curse him and his elevator. Ex. 2 Toy Story is a shooting game similar to the ones in America, but its wayyyy better.